Friday, November 26, 2010

Losing is the Pitts - Pittsburgh, PA

Today we went to a Pitt vs West Virginia football game at Heinz Stadium (where the Steelers play).  It was FREEZING cold outside (30s with a good amount of wind) and only survived three quarters before we couldn't take it anymore.  Unfortunately, Pitt lost to rivals West Virginia (10-35).  The crowd was as classy as ever.  Whenever WV scored, the WV fans would chant "eat shit Pitt".  Sorry for the foul language, but we thought it was hilarious.  On a better note, the stadium is in an awesome location.  You can watch the game and have a stunning view of the city all at the same time.  I'd love to come back for a much warmer, fall game sometime.

Scott, Erin's husband, flew in from NYC and met us at the game.  He had to work on Thanksgiving but was able to fly out for the weekend.  We split up in two cars to head back to Adam and Liesel's apartment. We ended up taking two different routes.  One car made it home in about a half hour and the other car made it home in two hours.  Guess which car I was in?  Yes,  I was in the two hour car with Adam.  It was awful!!!  The funny thing was that Adam told Liesel to take the GPS system in Scott's car just in case they got lost on the way back.  Maybe we should have kept the GPS in our car!

We spent the evening watching Modern Family (yes, we are addicted) and eating Vincent's Pizza (yes, you might remember this from the first trip to Pittsburgh).  Another great day in the Burgh!

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  1. Yummy pizza.

    Too cold to go to a football game. Poor little Lucy.

    BYU was robbed. Bad calls by the officials. Heaps is one great quarterback! Utah did not win the game. It was given to them. Go Cougars!