Sunday, November 28, 2010

Frozen to the bone - Pittsburgh, PA

Saturday was another freezing day in Pittsburgh.  We started the day off right by going to Pamela's for brunch (see Pittsburgh post in Sept).  Our food was delicious.  The crepe-like pancakes just can't be beat!  Then we drove over to the Mount Washington for an amazing view of the city.  Later that afternoon, Adam, Erin, Scott, and I went and saw Harry Potter 7 on IMAX.  The movie was awesome and definitely creepy.  I loved it.  Liesel was a saint (and maybe a scaredy cat) so she volunteered to stay home with Lucy.  They met up with us after the movie and we all had dinner at Red Robin.  It has been at least six years since I have eaten at this restaurant and guess what.....I still love the Bonsai burger.  Some things never change!

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