Sunday, November 28, 2010

Peace out Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh, PA

Today was our final day of fun with the whole gang.  We got up bright and early and went to church.  After church we took a driving tour of Carnegie Mellon's campus.   Of course, since I'm a blogger now, I made Adam get out of the car so we could take a picture of him in front of the Tepper School of Business.  He was a good sport since it was freezing outside!  Then we came back to their place and recreated Thanksgiving dinner for Scott.  It was almost as delicious as the real meal.  We even made fresh mashed potatoes, rolls, and green bean casserole.  Yum!!!

Shortly after lunch, Erin, Scott, and Lucy packed up their rental car and headed back to NYC.  We had a great time with them and we can't wait until the next time we can hang out.  The rest of our afternoon was spent watching the Steeler's game (can you believe this was Adam's idea), cleaning, and taking naps.  Later that evening we drove out to the Hartwood Celebration of Lights.  It's basically a 3.2 mile drive through a park completely decorated with holiday lights.  The lights were really fun to look at.  It was a nice way to get us in the Christmas spirit.  Unfortunately, my camera battery died so I wasn't able to document the outing.

PS - I've included a picture of me in one of my classiest Pittsburgh outfits - PJs with white ankle socks and high heeled shoes.  What has Pittsburgh done to me?  Yesterday, I was wearing almost every color imaginable:  grey boots, dark blue jeans, orange turtle neck, pink gloves, purple sweatshirt, dark green coat, and a turquoise bag.  Yep, I wore that to the movies.  I apologize for not capturing that outfit for you!

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  1. We are counting the days until you arrive in the real Burg but we are under pressure since you have already announced to the world that Adam and Liesel are the best hosts you have stayed with this year!

    There is no place to go to brunch but Katie makes a great quiche here at home. It's too cold to leave the house to go anywhere but we have purchased a Wii so you can entertain yourself here at home. (Katie is trying her best to teach us how to use it.)

    The best decorations in town are here at home.
    I guess what I'm trying to say is "There is no place like HOME for the holidays." And you can dress as weird as you want to here and you will fit in!


    P.S. You didn't take a "close up" of Adam. Is that really him?