Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Boys will be boys - Rexburg, ID

On our way to pick up Liesel from the Salt Lake Express bus drop off, Andrew thought it would be funny to hop in the trunk of the car so he could scare Liesel when she put her luggage in the back.  We loved the idea!  So, as soon as we saw the bus pulling off the freeway, Andrew hopped into the trunk.  We greeted Liesel as she got off the bus and quickly ushered her to the back of the car.  We popped the trunk and BAM Andrew jumped out and scared her to death.

Home for the holidays - Rexburg, ID

That's right folks, I'm back in the Burg for a few weeks.  Since my mom was offended by my last Idaho post (she said my pictures made it seem "hokie" and that I should show pics of the "big city" and explain that some people here have some "class") I'm going to try to showcase all of the "classy" things about Idaho.

First, Idaho is busting with culture!  I spent my first three nights in Idaho attending Christmas concerts:  BYU-I Christmas in the Snow, Idaho Falls Symphony, and BYU-I's performance of the Messiah.  All of the concerts were very enjoyable but if I had to pick a favorite, the Messiah would win hands down.  I must admit I was a tad disappointed they decided to perform a shortened version of the Messiah.  I mean, I appreciate the fact that they are aware that most people have a hard time sitting there for three hours, but I was upset by some of the songs they chose to cut.  How can you cut out "All we like sheep"?  I don't get it?

Second, Idaho has some architectural wonders!  I attended the dedication of the new BYU-Idaho Center.  This is a beautiful new auditorium that can hold up to 15,000 people.  The building is basically a smaller version of the Conference Center at Temple Square in Salt Lake.  Once you are inside you would swear it was the same building.  The dedication service was lovely.   It was great being back on campus.  I loved seeing how much it has changed over the last nine years.  Oh, and I even ran into a couple professors who still remembered me!  But in all honesty, how could you forget me?

Third, Idaho is a winter wonderland!  There is no doubt that we will be having a white Christmas in Idaho this year.  The trees are so pretty after a fresh snow fall.  One morning, the sky was so clear that it seemed like you could see forever.  Those are the days that make living in Idaho a dream.  We have had several snow storms and the roads are currently covered in ice.  In Rexburg, we don't believe in plowing the snow and ice completely off the roads.  Apparently, the city doesn't like to lower the blades all the way to the ground because it dulls the blades.  Obviously, the city values the cost of blades over people's lives.   Those damn republicans!

PS - I must issue an Idaho health warning.  A nasty cold virus is spreading like wildfire in Rexburg...and don't worry, I got it!  It literally wiped me out for a good five days and now it's been over a week and I still have it!

PPS -Fourth,  Idaho is home to BSU.....what does Utah have to say about that?!?!  Way to go BSU, even though you were ripped off by the BSC.  You are a classy team!