Saturday, February 5, 2011

U-Haulin' in the Big Apple - NYC

Sometimes you have to get a little creative when moving things in the city.  Today was no exception.  Jenna and Chuck needed to move a couch today so they called in the troops (me, Alisa, and Maria) to help them out.  Jenna had rented a U-Haul for a few hours to make the move happen.  Unfortunately, there was only room for two people up in the front of the cab.  So, obviously, after we loaded the couch into the back of the truck, Alisa, Maria, and I hopped into the back and sat on the couch as we drove from 20th St. and 7th Ave to 52nd St and 8th Ave.  We weren't quite expecting it to be pitch black when Chuck shut and locked the door.....but don't worry, Maria's trusty flashlight app on her iPhone (she must have been a girl scout) got us through the ride.  Our ride was filled with a lot of laughing, screaming, slipping, sliding, and singing.  Oh, and thanks to the strobe light app, we had a little dance party to "Dynamite" too.   Just another Saturday in the city.

PS - If you are in need of a couch, you might be able to pick one up off the street in Hell's Kitchen.