Saturday, October 16, 2010

More pics from Phi Phi

Unfortunately my camera died so I wasn't able to post pics of the final product. Just know it looked beautiful and tasted delicious.

Paradise knocking on heaven's door - Phi Phi, Thailand

It took a 1.5 hour flight from Bangkok to Phuket and a 2 hour ferry ride to reach the island of Phi Phi. On the ferry I was beginning to doubt that Phi Phi was going to be worth the hassle of getting out there BUT then the limestone cliff islands came into view and all doubt was erased. No words can describe how incredibly beautiful it is and my pictures don't even do it justice. We stayed at the Holiday Inn resort on Laem Tong beach (trust me, it's not like the Holiday Inns in the US. It's amazing). In order to reach the resort we had to get off the ferry in the middle of the water and then take a long tail boat ride right up to the shore. There are no roads on Phi Phi so long tail boats are the only way to go.

We loved the resort. We chilled by the pool, explored the property, played in the warm ocean water and walked along the private beach. One day we hired a long tail boat to take us around the Phi Phi Islands. We stopped in Pileh Bay, and Loh Samah Bay to snorkel. The views were amazing! The boat ride was an adventure to say the least. We were in a small boat and we tackled some pretty big waves as we traveled between islands. Memories of my Fiji boat ride came flooding back and I became super nervous and maybe screamed a bit when huge waves came our way. Sara and Matt just laughed at me and thought I was overreacting. I swear I wasn't! It was definitely scary at times. Thank goodness we had an amazing driver who kept us safe and sound.

One evening we took a Thai cooking class. It was really fun. Our instructor was great and the food was delicious. We were pretty impressed by our cooking skills! It was fun learning about the spices used in Thai cooking. We made the following dishes:
- Yam Nuea Yang (BBQ beef salad with chili and celery)
- Thod Mun Pla (deep fried curried fish cakes)
- Tom Yum Goong (sour and spicy prawn soup)
- Gaeng Khiew Wahn Gai (chicken green curry)
- Broccoli Phad Moo (stir fried pork and broccoli)
- Crong Craeng Naam Kathi (sticky rice dumplings)

Phi Phi treated us right and I think we all plan on coming back someday! Hopefully sooner than later.

Friday, October 15, 2010

We are Siamese if you please - Bangkok, Thailand

We spent the morning visiting a few more temples. We went to Wat Arun and Wat Pho. Both temples were stunning. Wat Arun looked similar to the temples we visited in India. We climbed to the top of the old, porcelain decorated temple for an amazing view of Bangkok. Wat Pho is the oldest and largest temple in Bangkok. It is home to the famous reclining Buddha. It was truly a sight to behold.

We then headed to Chinatown for a quick visit. We weren't impressed so we headed back to our hotel where we decided to have a "spa day". The Saras spent some time in the hotel's rooftop infinity pool. Matt had two hours worth of massages and Sara had an hour long Thai massage.

After relaxing we headed out to dinner. We tried a place our guide book recommended and were sadly disappointed. Matt decided he was tired so he caught a cab back to the hotel (later we discovered he went out and got another hour long massage). The Saras headed out to the night market, which turned out to be another street food market. We were full from dinner but of course made room for some mango sticky rice. It was divine. We headed back to the hotel so we could catch a little sleep before having to wake up early the next morning for our flight to Phuket. We loved Bangkok and would come back to visit in a heartbeat!

More pictures from Bangkok day one