Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Take 2 - Pittsburgh, PA

I've been dreaming about my return trip to Pittsburgh for awhile now. Who wouldn't want to spend Thanksgiving with Adam and Liesel?!?! They are the best hosts on the face of the earth (no offense to anyone I've stayed with these last few months). Plus, Thanksgiving dinner is basically guaranteed to be OFF THE HOOK! Warning, if you are currently on a diet, you should probably not read my blog posts for the next week or so. I've seen the menu for the next five days and I promise, it will blow your mind! I actually had to step in and cut things from the menu.

Erin, Lucy, and I were all on the same flight from JFK to Pittsburgh. I am happy to report that none of us had to have a body scan or pat down! I also have to give Erin props for flying with a baby. You have to bring so much extra crap with you when you have kids. It's insane. Also, baby Lucy had to take off her shoes when going through security. What has this world come to?

After a bumpy flight, we finally arrived in Pittsburgh. Adam and Liesel picked us up from the airport decked out in their Steeler's garb. What has this city done to them? I guess I should be happy they are trying to embrace their city "culture". We headed straight to their apartment and arrived to a living room plastered with Hello Kitty decorations (left from Liesel's birthday celebration last week....yes, Liesel is a grown adult). Lucy loved it! We ate Aunt Faye's taco dip, sloppy joes, salad, and chocolate cake for dinner. What a way to start off the holidays.

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  1. You have now offended all of your other hosts and you are no longer welcome in our homes.