Thursday, November 25, 2010

Turkey Day - Pittsburgh, PA

Happy Thanksgiving!  We had a wonderful day here in Pittsburgh.  The weather was quite frightful outside today so we spent the whole day inside.  In preparation for an entire day of eating, we completed a Jillian Michaels "Boost Metabolism" workout as soon as we woke up.  The rest of the morning was spent getting the meal ready.  Taking the brined turkey out of the bucket and putting it into the oven was pretty disgusting.  Poor Lucy was in the kitchen when I was doing this and she started screaming and crying.  I won't be surprised if she has a turkey phobia when she is older.  And for the record, I don't understand the brined turkey hype.  It was a lot of work and none of us thought the turkey tasted any better. 

The dinner was amazing (see menu below).  It was definitely a team effort and it turned out so delicious!  After dinner we watched Ratatouille and Elf.  In the evening, the missionaries came over and shared a nice Thanksgiving message with us.  Then, to top the night off, we ate turkey sandwiches and had a Modern Family marathon.  It was the perfect day!

Thanksgiving Menu:

Cheese, crackers, apples, grapes, nuts
Stuffed mushrooms
Artichoke dip

Main course and sides:
Brined turkey
Green bean casserole
Mashed potatoes
West Virginia sweet potato pie
Rolls with butter and strawberry jam
Cranberry ice (yes, ice)

Lemon meringue
Lemon truffle

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  1. Sara, I salute you and hold you in high esteem. I have never touched a raw turkey and never intend to do so. I about threw up when I saw that picture of you holding the turkey. Dad always has to do the turkey because I won't touch it! You rock girl!

    Adam looks like he has eaten too much sugar. He eyes are totally glazed over! Liesel looks gorgeous. Little Lucy is darling. No picture of Erin in this batch.

    Dad, Katie, and I are putting up the Christmas decorations so gotta run!