Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Home Sweet Home - New York City, NY

NYC is trying desperately to get me to come back permanently!  Seriously, I have had a blast these last couple of weeks in the city.  The weather has been AMAZING and catching up with friends has been a DREAM COME TRUE!  I’ve been staying at Alisa Baker’s apartment while she is in Chicago (just happens to be my old apt in the West Village).  The city feels like home again! 

I’ve spent the days sleeping in, going to the gym, eating at delicious restaurants with friends, and wandering around my favorite neighborhoods.  I’m sorry I didn’t take more pictures but below is a list at all of the yummy places I ate at.  Yes, I ate out almost every single meal.  When you are in the city for such a short amount of time, you have to hit up all of the local favorites.  All of the restaurants have the Sara Sparhawk stamp of approval.  Foodies, eat your heart out!

Thursday, Nov 11th – dinner at Five Guys with John (yes, we are still friends after traveling the world together)
Friday, Nov 12th – lunch with Bree and Jenn at Wichcraft and dinner with Chloe, Jenn, and Jenna at PF Changs in the dirty jerz
Saturday, Nov 13th – brunch at Cookshop with Chloe, Jenn, and Jenna
Tuesday, Nov 16th – mid-day treat at the Doughnut Plant with Bree and dinner at Alta with Milca, Maida, and Sonia
Wednesday, Nov 17th – breakfast at Clinton Street Bakery with Dave and late lunch at Good Enough to Eat with Natalie
Thursday, Nov 18th – lunch at Dean’s Pizza with Liesel (birthday girl), Erin, Julie, and Kimber and dinner at the Burger Joint with Carly
Friday, Nov 19th – dinner at Friend of the Farmer with Christine
Saturday, Nov 20th – brunch at Essex Market with Chloe, Jenn, Jenna, and Noelle and dinner with the Union Square 3rd and Manhattan 8th Wards
Sunday, Nov 21st – homemade dinner with Jenn and Jenna and dessert night at Chloe's place
Monday, Nov 22nd – dinner at Five Guys with Jenn, Jenna, Kevin, Libby, Maria, and the Croppers

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  1. You forgot to go to Del Fresco's. That's my favorite. And Rocco's.

    Idaho is going to have good eats in December. Maybe you'll decide you need to return to Idaho and work in the Burg. A mom can always hope.