Friday, September 17, 2010

Twelve hours of fun - Salt Lake City

I spent the day visiting friends I haven’t seen in awhile.  First, I met up with Sara Collins (you might remember her as Lizzy from previous posts) for lunch.   She had just quit her job the day before so I had to hear the scoop.  I welcomed her with open arms to the unemployment club.  She also purchased the Jetblue unlimited pass, so you will be seeing her pop up again on my blog as we travel around together.

Next, I visited Amber Blakesly, a dear friend who used to live in NYC.  We caught up on life as we looked out on her amazing view of Utah Lake.   My mouth watered as she told me that she had bought a meat grinder so she could replicate the Shake Shack burger in SLC.  I can’t wait to visit again in October and hopefully the weather will be nice enough for a BBQ!

My last stop was to visit Thomas Jones and Joe Dixon (more friends who used to live in NYC).  Joe hosted a little BBQ on the roof of his apartment building.   We ate burgers and reminisced or maybe I should say commiserated about the glory days working in NYC.  Below is a picture we took with an old poster of a New Yorker magazine cover that pretty much depicts some New Yorker’s views regarding the geography of the United States.  If anyone ever comes across one of these posters (that doesn't cost $500), I would die to have one.  Buy it on the spot and let me know!  


  1. Very funny picture but as a westerner, I'm insulted. Remeber those beautiful Teton Mountains you were standing in front of a couple of weeks ago. You won't find anything as beautiful as that in the Big Apple.

    For all you bloggers out there let me just tell you some of the comments Sara says everytime she arrives in the Burg:

    1. Smell that clean, crisp air.
    2. Mom, can I drive the car?
    3. Mom, can I go to the grocery store. Wow! I can't believe all the stuff that Broulim's carries and Wow! It is so CHEAP!
    4. Mom, I have to go get my har cut and colored. It only cost me $60! It would cost $150 in NYC. (What -- you didn't know that Sara colors her hair?????)
    5. Mom, Rexburg's water is sooooooo good.
    6. My apartment in NYC fits INSIDE my bedroom at home.

    And "Mom" said to Sara the last time she was in NYC, "I am NEVER coming back." But I do have to admit I miss Broadway, Del Fresco's, and her little apartment on Cornelia Street because it is near Rocco's.

    Hey Sara, do you want me to save the next advertising map of Rexburg for you? It is free and it has a picture of Broulim's on it.


  2. First off, I didn't know that Sara colored her hair. Thank you Mom/Marsha. Secondly, I love the orange pants with little blue sail boats. Seriously?!? Joe, I think, took a wrong turn on his way to Martha's Vineyard.