Thursday, September 16, 2010

And here we have Idaho – Rexburg

Props to any of you who recognize the title of my post (Idaho state song).  My longest stop so far on the world tour was to my homeland, Rexburg, Idaho.  I spent two weeks here visiting my family and friends.  You might be wondering what I did to fill my time, well let’s just say it was action packed:

·      Ate delicious home cooked meals
·      Played Rook with my parents and sisters (Katie and I lost due to a tragic “sluffing” mistake)
·      Went to the Madison vs Rigby high school football game (ran into a dedicated blog reader, Tiffany Alleman)
·      Saw every $2 movie possible
·      Met my future sis-in-law, Rachael Davidson (big fan of her)
·      Helped with wedding stuff
·      Participated in a book club with the Franz girls (we read "The Glass Castle")
·      Planned my future Jetblue trips and fall trip to southeast asia
·      Spent a day in Jackson Hole and Jenny’s Lake 
·      Spent the weekend at the Franz cabin on Henry’s Lake (Ann's 30th bday weekend)
·      Enjoyed the East Idaho State Fair on Labor Day

Who can resist attending the biggest football game of the year!  Madison pulled out a win against our rivals the Rigby Trojans.  Thanks to Michael, who is living with the Franz's and plays for Madison, and Andrew, who is teaching Seminary at Madison, we had a reason to attend the game.  

Book Club: Sara, Sally Franz, and Nicole Franz

My parents, my sister Katie, and I went on a day trip to Wyoming.  Our first stop was Sidewinders Tavern, a delicious restaurant in Jackson Hole.  I had an amazing BBQ brisket sandwich and sweet potato fries.  I will definitely be returning to this place.  Then we headed up to Jenny's Lake.  We saw two moose on our way.  We made it just in time for a magnificent rain storm.  The thunder and lightning was incredible.  The clouds completely covered the mountains (thank goodness they cleared so I could take a photo of the Grand Tetons).  My dad and I thought the coast was clear so we ventured out on a little hike around Jenny's Lake.  Our luck ran out as we approached the parking lot.  In a matter of seconds another storm attacked us and we were soaked.  On our way back we stopped at the most delicious ice cream shop in Jackson Hole.  The ice cream was made out of all natural ingredients and let me tell you, the ice cream was INCREDIBLE!!  Definitely worth the drive to Jackson for that little bit of heaven!  

I spent a couple of days at the Franz family cabin at Henry's Lake.   It was Ann's 30th birthday weekend and we sure partied hard! We had a great time cooking hot dogs and s'mores over the campfire, riding four wheelers, popping wheelies on dirt bikes, water skiing,  getting some target practice in, playing games, lounging in the hammocks, and tanning on the dock.  Life is great when you are in the good old outdoors! 

There is nothing I love more than going to the East Idaho State Fair.  Words cannot describe the classy things you see there.  I went with my parents and sister and let's just say it didn't disappoint.  We sampled all of the classic fair food: elephant/tiger ears, funnel cakes, corn on the cob, corn dogs, homemade bread, and fudge.  I rode some amazing rides, got a free back massage, and toured the various 4-H and other exhibits.  I took a few pics of my favorite exhibits.  I love Idaho!!!


  1. I totally remember the good ol' fair!! Looks like fun!!

  2. Sara -- those fair pictures make Idaho look "hokie." You should have put some pictures of the "big city" on your blog and BYU-Idaho. Some of us have some "class." I recommend the funnel cakes over the tiger ears. Yum! Yum!