Thursday, August 26, 2010

Camp Okizu - Northern California

I spent two weeks volunteering at Camp Okizu, a camp for children with cancer and their siblings.  I’ve been volunteering at this camp for seven years and I hope to come for many more.  The kids are amazing and inspiring, the admin staff and counselors are incredible, and the location is gorgeous.  This year I was privileged to work with the girls in Sugarloaf (girls ranging from 6-12).  The camp has so many activities to participate in:  fishing, boating, archery, art and crafts, ropes course, making ice cream, etc.  There were so many amazing moments.  Here are just a few of the highlights:

  • Sugarloaf Spa Night - The girls loved the oatmeal masks, cucumbers on the eyes, and hand massages.  It’s never too early to teach a girl how to pamper herself!
  •  Campfire sing-a-longs and s’mores
  • Paying my friend Chelsie $10 to eat part of a live worm
  • Watching the amazing meteor showers that happened for three nights
  • Being “dunked” by kids at the carnival
  • Cabin chat

 If you are interested in donating money/supplies or volunteering as a camp counselor or a nurse, please check out or talk to me.  Camp Okizu will change your life!

Here are a few pictures of the counselors and grounds.  Unfortunately, we can’t post pics of the children online…..but trust me, they were there and they were adorable!


  1. Sara failed to report that she saw two RATTLESNAKES on the trails and had to radio in to have someone come and kill them. Count me out on ever volunteering there. Rattlesnakes and I don't co-exist.

    After we dropped Sara off at camp, Don refused to take the road I had Googled and asked directions from a local. Bad idea. For the next several hours we were on an extended roller coaster ride. I finally decided the only way to survive was to go to sleep. When we finally got to a road where we could actually go 30 mph -- yes, you read it correctly, 30 mph!!!!!!! Don asked, "Do you want to stop and eat?" We all just groaned and said we were too sick to our stomachs to eat. Words never uttered in the Sparhawk household until that day!

    We then drove across the Nevada desert. I was very glad to have my portion of World Tour 2010 OVER.

    You all know that the mother is supposed to be the martyr and complain. Actually 95 percent of the entire trip starting with the Lee Family Reunion {fami-i-LEE} was terrific but I still loved my few hours alone in SFO.