Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Are we there yet? - Part 3 Calistoga, CA

We spent the day driving from Eureka to Calistoga.  This was my first time driving through wine country and let me tell you it is beautiful.  In fact, I had no desire to ever come to Napa Valley since I don’t drink but after seeing it firsthand, I want to come back again.  I’d love to take advantage of the spas and amazing restaurants.  So yes, Napa and Calistoga, you will be seeing me again.  We went to dinner at a Jerry and Phyllis Glanville’s home.  Jerry is a dear friend of the family that used to live in Rexburg.  The highlight of the meal was eating the amazing tomatoes Jerry grew in his backyard.  They were scrumptious!  We also had a great time listening to his pet parrot talk, talk, and talk.  He is truly an amazing bird!  We spent the night at the Mountain Home Ranch Resort.  This resort was full of cute little cabins in the country.  My mother was not amused when she was reading through the information packet and found out that there were rattle snakes around the property.  I’m pretty sure she didn’t sleep much that night. 

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