Wednesday, August 25, 2010

{fam-i-LEE} Reunion - Lincoln City, Oregon

We had an amazing Lee family reunion in Lincoln City, Oregon – approx 50 people came.  Yes, there were colored shirts involved.  It wouldn’t be a family reunion without them. We all rented beach houses in Lincoln City for the weekend.  For the first event, my Uncle Bill took my Grandpa’s 1959 Glastron boat out for a few spins around Devil’s Lake.  We were going to go water skiing and tubing but unfortunately it turned out to be a cold day so we just took turns riding on the boat. That evening we had a BBQ and played some games.   The next day a few of us went on a hike to a swinging bridge and some waterfalls.  The weather was perfect and the hike was gorgeous!  After the hike we headed over to the church for a delicious ham dinner and family program.  For those of you who don’t know, the Lee’s are amazing cooks and the food NEVER disappoints.  I think we all probably gained five pounds by the end of the weekend. 

One of my favorite moments was at the Safeway grocery store when the Sparhawk and Snyder children decided to have a special “Grandma Lee” party.  We purchased her favorite snacks: Chicken in a Biscuit Crackers, Easy Cheese, Coke Classic, and Hershey bars.  Oh, the simple things in life!  On Monday the Sparhawk, Snyder, and Young families hit up the beach, the famous Tillamook Cheese Factory, and Blue Heron store.  If you are ever up this way you must go! The tour is quite fascinating and you can’t resist purchasing cheese curds, beef sticks, and of course ice cream.  I recommend the marion berry pie ice cream.  All in all Oregon was amazing!  It was great spending time with family in such a beautiful place.  Can’t wait for the next reunion!


  1. Yay! Spar is back entertaining me while I sit at my desk at work bored to death!

    I sure hope the hike was ridiculous enough to make you drop the S-bomb in front of your family. I expect no less in your hiking abilities.

  2. Great post! I wish I had been there. Mostly for the marionberry pie ice cream and Grandma Lee food party at Safeway. Was anything "pricey" at the Safeway? Keep the posts coming. I'm excited about the Pittsburgh post coming in a few weeks!