Wednesday, April 6, 2011

We walk the line - Copenhagen, Denmark

We walked to most of the sites around Copenhagen but there were a few times when we got a little tired and opted for the metro.  Now, there was a little bit of confusion as to how the metro tickets worked.  The metro fares were determined by the number of zones you traveled within but there didn’t seem to be a ticket when traveling within the same zone.  There weren’t any information booths in any of the stations so we just came up with our own theory for the metro…..when traveling within the same zone you don’t have to buy a ticket.  Sounds reasonable, right?  We were confident in our theory until we were on the train and saw a woman checking tickets.   Dan noticed the woman checking tickets and pointed her out to me.  Realizing that we were going to be the next people she checked, I popped right up and started walking down the train.  I approached Maria and Kevin and whispered, “They’re here guys”.  Maria immediately said to Kevin, “We gotta go” and he followed her without a word.  We were all panicking a little bit because the trains were super short (only about three cars long) but thank goodness we felt the train slowing down and we knew we were approaching a stop.  As soon as the train came to a stop we ran out the door.  Needless to say, from there on out, we purchased tickets no matter how many zones we were traveling within.  Our theory wasn’t worth being hit with a $150 fine.

We hit up the major sites within Copenhagen except for Tivoli.  Unfortunately, Tivoli was closed for the winter and we missed the opening day by 2 weeks.  It’s still a very sore subject for us, so we try not to talk about it.   

Thank goodness there were plenty of other things for us to do.  We hit up the Kastellet (old fortress), the royal palace, Danish Museum of Art and Design, The Little Mermaid statue, scenic harbor streets, and the Copenhagen Concert Hall.  

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