Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happiest country in the world - Copenhagen, Denmark

Some say that Denmark is one of the happiest countries in the world.    I think I can buy into that claim.  Who wouldn’t be happy riding your bike everywhere, eating snappy red hot dogs topped with crispy onions and pickles, and gazing at modern architecture everywhere you turn?   I know I was a happier person just being there.  The trip was full of fun adventures and many laughing attacks.  Oh Denmark, we were meant to be friends.

Our first day was spent trying to recover from our redeye from New York to Denmark.   We wandered around the heart of the city and took a little rest while Dan shopped up a storm.  When we met up with Dan he exclaimed, “I have finally found my people”.  Indeed he did. He’s an industrial design hipster and he blends in quite nicely with the Danes. 

Our favorite moment of the day was when Maria and I were walking to the apartment we were staying at for the weekend.  Here we were, two girls walking down the street with carry-on suitcases.  We arrived at the street where the apartment was located but was a little confused as to which direction we should turn (the address was a little screwy).  Right as we were deciding which way to turn, a man rode up on his bicycle asking us if we needed help.  We politely told him we had figured it out and proceeded on our way.   Well, we were wrong.   We immediately turned around and started walking the right direction and as we were approaching the door guess who was there to greet us…the man on the bike (also known as Rasmus).  Don’t worry, Rasmus was the one we were supposed to meet up with to get the keys to our apartment.  We felt really stupid….but I can’t figure out why he didn’t just introduce himself to us on the street.  Our appearance clearly screamed we were the tourists from America staying at his apartment.

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