Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Crazy about key lime pie – Florida Keys

Below are our reviews of the key lime places the New York Times suggested when visiting the Florida Keys:

Cheeca Lodge
Rating: A
Comments:  filling was the perfect consistency but could have had a tad for lime, delicious buttery graham cracker crust but was little too thick, unsweetened cream was perfect, and the ripe strawberries and raspberry sauce topped everything off very nicely.

Porky’s Bayside Restaurant
Rating: B-
Comments:  filling wasn’t “eggy” enough and needed more lime, unsure if they used real whipped cream  (Note, they also offer a fried version but we opted for the “healthier” option)

Pepe’s Café and Steak House
Rating: A-
Comments: fluffy filling, tartness of filling was perfect, whip cream tasted great but was a little thin, crumbly graham cracker crust was tasty

*We ate dinner here and the food was excellent.  The blackened fish sandwich and corn on the cob were amazing!

Blond Giraffe
Rating: C-
Comments:  Gross, chalky, bland

Blond Giraffe (frozen key lime pie on a stick covered in chocolate)
Rating: C-
Comments:  Gross

Kermit’s Key West Lime Shoppe
Rating: C-
Comments:  weird flavor, not a good graham cracker crust

Kermit’s Key West Lime Shoppe (frozen key lime pie on a stick covered in chocolate)
Rating: B+
Comments:  good quality chocolate, filling was the perfect tartness

Season’s 54
Rating: B
Comments:  unique presentation, good texture, needs a tad more lime, needs to be served colder


  1. Spar, the adventures just keep going on and on. You look like you are having the time of your life. Good for you. I wouldn't expect any less. My sister was just talking about key lime pie from Key West. I'll have to ask which restaurant she went to. Let me know when you make it back to Idaho again... maybe during the holidays??

  2. Ah, the good life. Someone has to live it so it might as well be you.

    Your dad makes a fantastic key lime pie with coconut crust. He's competitive so I'm sure he will make it for you when you're home for the wedding. It is an A+++++++!

    I'm very interested in tasting the frozen key lime pie dipped in chocolate. If it ain't chocolate, it aint worth eating.

    Keep enjoying the good life because come October 6, it is going to be a quick 3-day dip into reality for you. Cleaning house, changing sheets for company, cleaning toilets, mowing the lawn, and cooking, cooking, cooking. Thank goodness Dad washed all the windows last week so you won't have to do that chore.


  3. Now this totally makes me want to eat key lime pie in the Keys.