Saturday, November 13, 2010

All Hallows Eve – San Francisco, CA

Dan, Ruel, Brant, and The Help (me and Lizzy) hosted an epic Halloween dinner for 20 people in their fantastic Victorian style apartment. It was exhausting getting ready for the party but in the end all of our hard work paid off. The theme of the party was 1906 and most people dressed up accordingly. The menu was amazing. Everyone pulled through with his or her food assignments, and I must say, we did an excellent job with the pot roast and root vegetables. Just so you know, braising is definitely the way to go.


  1. What am I going to do now that you're not around to document my life anymore?

  2. Is that Rebecca in your pics? Funny that she was at your party. What a connection ;)
    Happy 30th! I can't believe you are that old ;)
    Fun blog