Friday, October 1, 2010

Most devoted fans of all time - Pittsburgh, PA

So, it doesn't take long to figure out that Pittsburgh is full of devoted Steeler's fans. No matter if you are at the airport, grocery store, restaurant, or church, you can almost guarantee you will see someone sporting some type of Steeler paraphernalia. It really makes for great people watching. I'm going to try to find an amazing outfit to wear when I visit again over Thanksgiving! Hopefully it will be bedazzled.

Sunday was great. I went to church with Adam and Liesel and was able to meet a lot of their friends. Don't worry, they didn't have a pianist for primary, so I stepped up and filled in. (Are we seeing a trend here? Maybe I should just travel the world and become the substitute church pianist wherever I go!) Also, this is the first church I have gone to where they have had a "thank you for not smoking" sign in the bathroom. Love it!

After church we went back to the apartment and made yummy Cobb salads. Our after dinner entertainment was blowing plastic bubbles. I LOVE plastic bubbles. Brings me back to my childhood! Later that evening we when to a birthday party for one of their friend's little boy. It was fun but we were exhausted after being there a couple of hours. Kids are exhausting!

PS - Monday morning was crazy and Adam didn't make it to his first class on time (due to rain, forgetting keys, traffic, etc). Since this particular professor won't let you come in late, Adam and I headed to Pamela's for round 2. Mmmm, delicious!


  1. You are a bad influence on your brother. He is trying to be a responsible student and you are leading him astray.

    Maybe we should get plastic bubbles for the Children's Party. Wouldn't that be fun with plastic scattered all over the church.

    The next time they try to call me to be the RS pianist, I'll ask them to call you. Could you drop in for a couple of years and be the substitute because I ain't NEVER going to do it.


  2. Great posts! You make Pitts sound so exciting...which it is. We can't wait for you to come back next month!