Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hong Kong is the bomb - Hong Kong, China

That's right folks, we have made it to our final destination of the trip. We immediately fell in love with Hong Kong. The drive into the city at night was stunning. It also doesn't hurt that we are staying at the fabulous W Hotel in Kowloon (thanks to Lizzy's Starwood points from her good old consulting days). After enduring the rock hard Asian beds throughout our trip, these beds are heavenly and the sheets are amazing!!!!

Since Matt only had one day with us in Hong Kong, we tried to hit the major sites our first day. We jumped on the Star Ferry and headed over to Hong Kong Island. Our first adventure was taking the Peak Tram - which resulted is breathtaking views of the city. Hong Kong is magnificent if you can catch it on a smog free day. We had some bright blue skies in the morning but by the time we had gotten to the top of the Peak the smog had rolled on in. So sad!

We walked through the wet market and saw lots of fish, fruits, and veggies. Yum - if you can handle the smell. Then we wandered through the Sheung Wan neighborhood and saw lots of dried fish skins and other dried "things" and we saw a lot of Chinese medicine shops. Our feet were tired at this point, so we caught a double decker tram and headed for the Hong Kong Park. We walked around for a bit and hopped on the subway to see the LDS Hong Kong Temple. It was closed since it was Sunday, but we admired it beauty from the outside.

We grabbed a bite to eat and then headed back to the hotel for an evening of swimming in the rooftop pool. We watched the light show that happens every night at 8pm on 30 of the buildings around the harbor. There were lots and lots of bright colors. Sadly, the time came for us to part ways with Matt. We had a great time with him but unfortunately it was time for him to enter back into reality again. Boo!

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  1. I have it on good authority from a U.S. Congressman during a televised hearing that if you put too many people on an island, that it could capsize. You better be careful because if too many more tourists arrive in Hong Kong, it could capsize. Re: Hearing on increasing troop size on the island of Guam. Remember to vote -- but the pickins are slim for a responsible choice.