Sunday, October 24, 2010

Crowning glory of the ancient ruins - Siem Reap

Next we toured Angkor Thom. It was extremely hot at this point in the day (only 11am) but we sucked it up and explored the whole temple complex. Phon told us the history behind this city as we explored the ruins. Our favorite part was exploring Bayon - a structure decorated with 216 enormous smiling faces.

Our final temple to explore was the famous Angkor Wat. Our guide took us around the grounds and explained the many carved murals. We climbed to the top of some of the buildings. The views of the grounds were incredible. It's mind blowing to think about how this place was built. The designs are so intricate and massive. It's also amazing how well these ruins have been preserved. If you have a chance to visit you must come! It's well worth the long plane ride across the world!

PS - the monkeys are so cute! You can feed them bananas. You just hold out your hand and they will take it from you!


  1. Dear Spar's readers, Matt isn't this funny looking in person; he's just sort of unphotogenic. Love, Lizzy

    PS to Matt... Hi! Miss you terribly!

  2. Thanks for these posts...they are keeping me awake in Econ class!

  3. love these pictures! so jealous to got to eat bananas with monkeys!!!!!!!!!!!