Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Turn on the AC - Seville

After the craziness of Morocco it was nice to spend a few days in the charming town of Seville. We fully embraced the traditional siestas and wished America would adopt this wondering habit of napping during the day. Our favorite part might have been going to the cinema during the day to escape the sun. Maybe, just maybe we went and saw Eclipse one night. Let's just say that our ticket, popcorn, fountain soda, and candy bar cost less than a movie ticket in NYC. We were in heaven!!!

We did muster up enough strength to see the sights. We went to the cathedral and Giralda. It's an old cathedral where Christopher Columbus is supposedly buried (although some say he is buried in the Dominican Republic). There used to be a mosque here but the Christians eventually tore it all down, except for the Giralda. The Giralda is the minaret from the original mosque. We climbed the Giralda's 35 floors for a spectacular view of the city.

We also went to the Alcazar. The Alcazar was originally a fort but over time it was used for different things. The buildings were beautiful but the gardens were incredible. John spent most of his time on an audio guided tour of the buildings and Sara spent most of her time in the gardens. Sara could have spent all day there watching these cute little boys feed the peacocks, baby peacocks, and ducks. The only thing that could have been better is if she would have brought her own bread so she could have gotten in on the action.

Seville is splendid but we suggest coming when it isn't quite so hot!

PS - hotels in Spain don't seem to understand the concept of AC. They think a tiny stream of cold air cuts it. NO, it doesn't. We went out and bought our own fan so we could cool down enough to sleep.


  1. I totally don't understand the Twilight craze and am sick of Regis having all the stars on it on his show. Thank goodness for Tivo because I skip all of it.

    I would spend all of my time in the gardens too but on a cool day.


  2. Lizzy...Twilight...AGAIN!?! Hahahaha!