Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Making World Cup History - Seville

We must be good luck charms because whenever the team of the country we are currently visiting plays a game in the World Cup, they win!!! We gathered with thousands of Spaniards in Seville to watch the championship game (Spain v Holland). The streets were packed with people covered in red and yellow. The flag was everywhere you looked and people were chanting everywhere you turned. We watched part of the game in a huge crowd surrounding a tiny tv outside a little restaurant. They hung a flat screen tv outside the restaurant window and threw an extended cable cord from an apartment above out the window in order to watch the game. It was hilarious. The second half of the game we sat at a little outdoor restaurant. They were having problems getting their tv up and running (hooked up the same way as the other place) so we were able to snag a seat. Luckily, they were able to get the tv working so we didn't miss out on too much of the exciting game. When Spain scored the crowd went wild! When Spain was finally declared the winner the crowd went wild again. Cheering, singing, crying, dancing, bottles breaking. It was an unbelievable night.

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  1. We were in Victoria, B.C. when Canada beat the US in hockey at the Olympics. It was wild too! Fun to experience -- even if we were Americans!