Sunday, July 4, 2010

Surfs Up - Munich

You wouldn't think that surfing would be popular in a land locked country but the Germans love to surf. At the tip of the English Garden, there is a giant man-made wave in the river that runs through the park. We could have spent hours watching these guys surf. The park was full of people at 5pm on a Thursday. Talk about work-life balance!

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  1. I'm into work-life balance too. I have been ironing one tablecloth in between reading each blog. It is great incentive to get these tablecloths done! I am putting a moratorium on Sunday dinner guests and all holidays until Christmas. I'm sick of ironing tablecloths.

    Hey, Sara -- you are on to something here! You have discovered a way for the Sparhawk family to make big bucks. Let's build a surfing area on the Snake River. If we do it here near Rexburg, it might be a little boring but fairly safe. Or -- we could build it just above Shoshone Falls and they could have a thrill of a lifetime.

    See if your traveling friends want to invest in this project.