Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sleeping Beauty's Castle - Bavaria

No visit to Germany is complete without visiting Schloss Neuschwanstein - the castle that inspired the Disney Sleeping Beauty Castle. We drove a couple of hours through charming villages to reach the popular tourist stop. We toured two different castles but Neuschwanstein was definitely the most remarkable and memorable. King Ludwig II was a huge fan of the composer Richard Wagner, and had the inside of the castle decorated based on Wagner's operas. Unfortunately, Ludwig went crazy (common in the family) and drowned in a lake (no one knows how but everyone suspects suicide). He was only able to live in the castle for 170 days. Such a shame!


  1. oooo - thats so beautiful! how wonderful you went there!

  2. I would love to go back to Germany for an extended stay. Aunt Connie and I flew into Frankfurt and then caught a train to Vienna, Austria so our stay in Germany was very brief. Love the castles.