Thursday, July 22, 2010

Coming to America TODAY!!!

Well folks, we have come to the conclusion of the international travel portion of our World Tour 2010 blog. It's a sad day but we knew it would eventually come. We are so grateful for being able to have had this amazing opportunity to travel the world. It has been hard being away from friends and family so THANKS for all of your comments, emails, and prayers along the way.

The good news is the adventures won't be stopping anytime soon! John is off to New York, Texas, and Pennsylvania while Sara is off to New York, Utah, Idaho, Oregon Coast, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Rhode Island and hopefully Colorado. Tune in every once in awhile for an update on the US portion of World Tour 2010. It's bound to be filled with exciting stories. In the meantime, here are some interesting facts from our international travels:

Countries visited: 14
Continents: 6
Flights: 30
Trains: 10
Rental cars: 2
Boats/ferries: 14
City metro/tram: 7
Miles traveled: approximately 44,000


  1. how spectacular! what an amazing experience! as always, jealousy fills my being! (especially since you finished up your International tour in the Motherland). but I have loved seeing all your pictures and reading this blog! Have fun in your US travels - and visit Hershey if you feel like you need some chocolate along the way! So happy for you! and really, so awesome!

  2. Thanks for sharing your adventures with all of us through the blog. It's been great to vicariously tour the world with you. I'm go glad you're home and can't wait to see you in a few hours. Travel safely!

  3. Where's the introspective/lessons-learned post? Lest this be for naught! Or are you saving it for your big sacrament meeting talk?

  4. If you do actually ever live abroad, I vote for London. I have loved your entire adventure but would only have nerve enough to do the European countries. Shortest plane trip! Fly to London and do the rest by boat or train. Plus they speak English.

    I was glad to read that you actually found good food in London. There is hope. We had terrible meals in London. I forgot to ask you last night if you ever found my orange pop.

    Thanks for the spices straight from Morocco. I am going to brag to all of my friends that I have the real deal when it comes to spices.

    I can hardly wait for 1 a.m. to arrive. Meanwhile I am frantically cleaning house for your arrival. Let the party begin in the Burg!


  5. What about Pittsburgh? That has to be one of your domestic destinations in the next few months!