Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Roosters vs Sharks - Sydney

We met up with Becky Middleton Sorenson (a dear friend from NYC who just moved to Sydney), her husband Karl, and her sister-in-law Analiese, to attend a Rugby match. We attempted to cheer on the Roosters but unfortunately the Roosters played terribly and were crushed by the Sharks. We had a great time learning about Rugby since all we really knew about the sport was what we had learned from watching the movie Invictus! Apparently there are three different types of Rugby and Australians call it football (although diehard soccer fans call soccer football too). Watching the players get tackled without any pads to protect themselves made our professional football players in the US look like a bunch of pansies. Oh, and of course we tried the famous meat pies smothered in tomato sauce. I think all of us, minus the Australians, would have preferred eating a great American hot dog instead.


  1. The pictures of the rugby players are the best pictures yet! ;)

  2. You should have seen the photographer... ;)

  3. Becky gave me your website and I love reading about your Cairns trip. That sounded like the same one i went on.
    Hope you had a great time and it was nice to meet you!

  4. I love that the pic of Becky is right in front of a sign that says "adult bookstore, restricted premises" lol :) FUN TRIP!!!