Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rain, rain, go away - Sydney

Rest assured, the crazy rainy weather couldn't stop us from exploring and falling in love with Sydney. We had four action-packed days of enjoying the harbor, animal life, and shopping.

Our first order of business was to head down to the harbor to experience the amazing views of the bridge and opera house. The view was incredible but we were a bit bummed to find out the opera house wasn't white (see post below). We walked through the botanical gardens and stumbled across 700 little kids killing time before their recorder concert at the opera house. Yes, you read that right, a recorder concert. We would have gone but it sold out in two minutes! Instead they serenaded Maria with a special Happy Birthday tribute.

We took a ferry to Manly but only ended up spending a couple of hours there due to the heavy rainfall. It looked like a fun place to spend the day at the beach. Then we took another ferry to Darling Harbor, a lively area with an aquarium, restaurants, IMAX theater, and lots of shopping. We ate at a yummy Italian restaurant and then overdosed on sugar at the Lindt Cafe. This place is a must for all of you chocolate lovers out there.

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  1. Add some chocolate to my list of presents.