Saturday, May 29, 2010

Screams town NZ

Queenstown is known as the adventure capital of the world and home to the adventure sport of bungee jumping. Since one can't leave Queenstown without doing something adventurous, we set out to find the most "safe" activity. Our options ranged from bungee jumping (not even an option for Sara), bungee swing, river rafting, parasailing, sky diving, etc. We decided on the Nevis Arc. The largest swing in the world - 300m arc with a 70m free fall. Sara grilled the workers at AJHackett to make sure the activity was safe and that no one had ever died or had injuries. We decided to fly tandem so Sara/Marina and Maria/Chelsie paired off. We knew the 70m suspension bridge would be enough adventure for John so he didn't swing. We'll let the videos and pictures below show you first hand our terror/excitement.

PS - I had originally drafted a special note for my mom not to look at this post but unfortunately a sibling already passed the pics and video on. She was not amused.

PPS - the video is on Facebook. We will try to find a way to put it on the blog


  1. Remember how much I was screaming on that comparably tiny swinging ride at Tivoli? I would have died on this! hahaha

    Here's how you put a video on the blog: upload the video to Google Videos. Once uploaded, on the page where you can view the video, it says "Embed Video" on either the right or the bottom. Copy the html code there. Then in blogspot, edit your post in html and paste that code into the post.

  2. I have already said all I am going to say on this subject -- and I have not changed my opinion!