Saturday, December 11, 2010

Till we meet again - New York, NY

Saying goodbye to New York is never an easy task.  I mean, my goodbye is still only temporary, but it hurts just as much every time!  I had the most amazing time these last couple of weeks.  My days were full of wandering the city and evenings were spent laughing and hanging out with amazing friends.  Below are a few highlights of my last few days:

Cozy Christmas Dinner - We had a fun little Christmas dinner with a few friends on Sunday.   Thanks to our Stew Leonard's run, we had plenty of yummy things to eat.  We ate BBQ bacon wrapped water chestnuts, warm spinach dip, homemade bread bowls with chicken pot pie or creamy tomato soup, spinach salad with feta, craisins, red onion, and caramelized pecans, peppermint icecream, brownies, and red velvet cake.

Christmas Service Auction - My friend Carly organized an amazing church activity were we had a service auction to raise money for Sub for Santa.  Guess what I came away with....a living will.  Exciting, I know.  My mother is actually thrilled that I purchased a living will. She has been bugging me for years to get one!

Miranda - my new favorite british comedy series I have been watching on YouTube.  Alisa introduced all of my friends to this amazing sitcom.  Someone inevitably quotes it during every conversation and then we all die of laughter. We talk about it so much that sometimes we have to ban it from conversations!

Finally, I want to give a big shout out to Jenna, Chloe, and Jenn for letting me stay with them.  Our sleepovers were so much fun!  I'll see you all in January!!!


  1. I'm still trying to get Sara to move to Denver. It is so much closer to Rexburg.

    Thanks to everyone for your hospitality to our vagabond daughter. If you wouldn't treat her so well maybe she would be more inclined to move west!

    She didn't seem to bring us any treats from Stew Leonard's. Hmmmmm.