Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Luck be a lady tonight - Macau, China

We headed to the Las Vegas of Asia for a day of fun. Macau was once under Portuguese rule but was recently turned back to the Chinese government. It was actually quite fascinating learning about Hong Kong and Macau's history. You should brush up on it too.

We visited the Church of St Dominic, Largo Do Senado, Leal Senado, Ruins of the Church of St Paul and the Old Protestant Cemetery. The cemetery was definitely a highlight and probably one of the most memorable cemeteries I have ever been to. There were many touching and moving messages engraved on each headstone. Take a moment to read some of the headstones below. Beware, you might shed a tear or two.

After seeing the traditional sights, we set out for lunch at Pizza Hut. After more than two weeks of eating Asian food we had to eat something a bit more American. It was sub par but at least it wasn't rice or noodles. After lunch we headed out to tour the casinos. No two casinos are alike. Our favorite casino was the Wynn. Definitely one of the classier joints in town. Lizzy tried her hand at the slot machines and luck was definitely on her side. She put in $20 HK (about $2.50 USD) and won $160 (about $20 USD). She didn't want to risk it all so she pulled out when she was ahead. Haha. Me, seeing her success, thought I would give the slots a whirl. I put in $20 HK (about $2.50 USD) and won absolutely nothing! Lesson learned - don't gamble. After my traumatic loss we watched a couple of shows in the lobby of the Wynn. One of the shows had a big tree come out of the ground and a giant chandelier drop from the ceiling. There was also a lot of fog and light changes to keep the suspense alive. Gotta love Macau!

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  1. Touching. As you know, I love cemeteries.