Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gauchos - Patagonia Part 1

Patagonia almost didn't happen - we got our flight times mixed up and missed our original flight by several hours (yes, we will be triple checking our flight times from now on). Thank goodness there was a later flight in the day that was able to take us from Buenos Aires to El Calafate. We spent the evening strolling down main street and enjoying some of the famous Argentinian beef for dinner.

Today we spent the afternoon horseback riding to Punta Soberana. It was a pleasant trek that had some amazing panoramic views of Lake Argentino and the Andes Mountains. There were four of us on horses and four scruffy dogs that followed us on our journey. Tomorrow we will be spending the day exploring the glaciers.

PS - in case you are wondering, we are 10,867 km from NYC!!!


  1. The countryside looks like Idaho -- minus the Andes, of course!

    Meanwhile, back in Idaho it is still cold -- May 19. I'm sick of cold weather.


  2. It looks like Idaho! The Andes look like the Tetons.

  3. You guys look awesome on the horses. So much fun. I also think you should bring one of the dogs home to remember the trip.

    Also - I am looking forward to the next trivia question. I check this blog often to make sure I have a good chance of answering it first!

  4. I like the horse pics but I'm mad because Cherise saw pictures of glaciers that you posted on facebook. I think you need to be more dedicated to your blog. ;)

  5. speaking of flight mix-ups, it looks like we have to check in for our Fiji flight 3 hours in advance from Auckland...just realized it today! i will email you about it.

    point is - out flight from Queenstown lands in Auckland less than 2 hours before our next flight...if i have the information correct.