Thursday, May 13, 2010


We arrived in Buzios on Monday night after a three hour car ride from Rio. Since it was dark by the time we arrived, we weren't sure exactly what kind of scenery we would wake up to. When the sun came up, we quickly realized what a beautiful place we were visiting. Buzios is a resort town on the coast of Brazil just north of Rio. There are many beautiful beaches and a quaint downtown full of shops and restaurants. The town gained notoriety after Brigitte Bardot vacationed here back in the day. There are many tributes to her in town including the sculpture John is hugging below (congrats, Kim, for correctly identifying this and being the winner of our first contest). Our time here was all about relaxation. We spent an afternoon on the beach watching the surfers ride the huge waves. We ate well and at night spent time flipping through the five channels on the tv looking for anything in English (not much luck there). Speaking of English...not a whole lot of English speakers here so it would be helpful to know some Portuguese or at least some Spanish. We are still trying to figure out the proper way to say "thank you" in Portuguese so needless to say, we're getting pretty good at charades.

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  1. It's SO fun to read these, Sara. K, you say "obrigada" (o-bree-GA-da)and John says "obrigado." If you're REALLY thankful, put a "muito" (mu-EE-to) in front of those. :) And when you just want a general greeting, say "tudo bem?" (TU-doh bayne?) The appropriate answer is the same words, but as a declaration instead of a question. Pretty much it's "Is everything good?" "Yep, everything's good." That's a good standby. And for sure always say "bom dia" (bone-GEE-uh) to everyone until after lunch. (Good morning). K, that's your Portuguese lesson for the day. Had any "pao de queijo" yet? (cheese rolls) Those are my fave. xoxoxo

  2. I know pig latin. Would that help you?


  3. Ooo...I could totally go for some cheese rolls right now...obrigada!

  4. if you want to sound local--just skip the O on obrigada... and just day... brigada.... and be sure to roll that R at the beginning... but not a lot like they do in spanish.... just one roll is sufficient